West Coast Artist Nancy Pratt … is gifted with a lyrical watercolor technique that appears transparent yet shimmers with color. The pristine innocence of her compositions evokes the quality of the Northern Renaissance Period of the 15th and 16th Centuries. Her contribution to the world of art and history is rooted in her exquisite colorful creations of Montage Art.

The West is rejoicing in her unique and dedicated commitment to authentically recreate the diversity of history that each of the cities, communities, organizations and individual’s seek to capture in a historical Montage work of art. As you can see in her recent work – Reflections of San Francisco, she features Mayor Willie Brown along with the many icons and symbols associated with one of the world’s most loved cities.

More than nostalgic illustrations, Pratt’s work expresses reverberations of the past in the world of today.Through her art she honors the individuals and events that influence each local area and thereby captures the essence, the heartbeat, of that community.

Pratt’s work is carefully researched through local historical societies, informed individual’s and consultations with historians. Her passion and integrity is reflected in the authenticity of each story she paints whether that be the story of the American experience in the West, or beyond.

As an accomplished West Coast Artist Nancy Pratt has been commissioned to capture: The California Gold Rush, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, Newark, Fremont, Mission San Jose, Pleasanton, Pacific Grove, Mission San Juan Bautista, and the Mason’s 100th Anniversary to name a few. Her work is included in private and public collections throughout the world

“As an Artist I am inspired to honor history by capturing the natural landscape and the cultural diversity of a community. I feel I am blessed with the ability to listen, research and embody the whole story. When I step back my heart sings as I witness a glorious celebration of history taking shape!”

Nancy Pratt